About Celeste

Obey the rules when listening to music; break the rules when creating music.
Stay strong when nobody loves us; never take it for granted when we are loved.
User Manual
Product Name: Celeste Syn
Ingredients: Uncontrollable Control Freak
Additives: Warped thoughts; Distance; Imperfections; Numbing blood
Best Before: The day when we no longer need to use our voice to express our thoughts
Product Description: Best to enjoy indoors or outdoors, with eyes open or shut, on rainy days or sunny days. Will not work in vacuumed condition
Store deep in your ears, heart and soul

Musical Works

Released first full-length album "Why" on Dec 11, 2015.

Title Tracks>>
1. Control Freak
2. The Nearness of Distance
3. Throw You In The River

Musical Works (Others)

Cindy Yen - Love Me Better (Lyrics by Celeste Syn)
Celeste Syn - Bi An Yu (Hunan TV Drama "Ice Fantasy" OST) (Performed and composed by Celeste Syn)
Jeff Chang - Kuang Huan (Composed by Celeste Syn)
Celeste Syn - So I Took Off My Shoes I Ran ("Smile In The Dark" OST) (Composed and lyrics by Celeste Syn)
Cindy Yen - Arrangement (Lyrics by Celeste Syn)
LARA - Comfortable Cage (Composed by Celeste Syn)
Cindy Yen - Listen To Me (Lyrics by Celeste Syn)
Cindy Yen - Silly (詞 Lyrics by Celeste Syn)
LARA - JOHN (Co-write lyrics and composition with Lara)
LARA - Because Of You (Composed and lyrics by Celeste Syn)


• Feb 17, 2019 Performer at Huayi-Chinese Festival of Arts at Esplanade, Theatres on the Bay
• Sep 21, 2018 Opening band for TGIF at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC)
• Sept 4, 2018 Singapore Originals :XinChuang Performance at Switch By Timbre
• May 23, 2018 《小酌之夜:Celeste Syn》Solo concert at Backstage Café
• Jun 14, 2017 《小酌之夜:Celeste Syn × The Lighters》| Solo concert at Backstage Café
• Jun 24, 2015 Performer at the 26th GMA Music Festival – Best New Comer
• Jun 9, 2015 JVR Music Songwriter Showcase at Riverside Music Café


周杰倫 Jay Chou

周杰倫第八套世界巡迴演唱會「嘉年華」即將啟動,將再度以超乎常人的毅力、超越自我的創意帶給大家驚喜! 這場演唱會同時也是他邁向樂壇20年的一場深具意義的演唱會!為了慶祝20周年,演唱會將以歡樂的元素作為主軸,總是引領風潮、總是令人驚呼連連的周杰倫,會有什麼出人意表的驚喜、與歌迷一同迎向自己在樂壇的20年?令全球萬千樂迷屏息以待!【嘉年華】世界巡迴演唱會今年10月將從上海開始,明年初在新加坡、馬來西亞登場,各地的時間場次將會陸續公佈,請粉絲靜候。

演唱會官方周邊商品10月17日起開始熱銷! 請點擊了解詳情前往購買。