About Patrick

Patrick Brasca is an aspiring singer-songwriter who has released multiple self-written tracks since 2015 including "Can't Lose You Now" and "My Time" from his first EP "My Time". "My Time" was selected as the ending song for "2015 WBSC Premier 12", interlude song for TV Drama "Love or Spend" and opening theme song for TV Drama "Thirty Something". In 2016, he composed the "Kung Fu Panda 3" movie theme song "Try", which he performed alongside Jay Chou. Patrick was a regular guest performer on Jay Chou's Invincible World Tour.


2020 Digital Single「4 GET BOUT U」with Tyson Yoshi
2020 Digital Single "Don't Wanna Lie (ft. 8lak, Hosea)
2019 Digital Single "Jay Chou - Ninja (Patrick Brasca Remix)"
2019 Digital Single "Jay Chou - Nunchucks (Patrick Brasca Remix)"
2019 Digital Single "Soar High”
2018 Digital Single "City Of Dreams" ("Dream Breaker" Movie Theme Song)
2018 Digital Single "Brave" (2018 CCTV Spring Gala Performance )
2017 Digital Single "Gun Fire" ( "GunGirls" Animated Series Ending Theme Song)
2017 Digital Single "Land Of Innovation"(2017 Taobao Maker Festival Theme Song)
2017 Digital Single "Superpower" ( "Guardians of Night" Movie Ending Theme Song)
2016 Digital Single "Who's The Enemy" ( "Guardians of Night" Movie Theme Song)
2016 Digital Single "Be Strong" (2016 ICG Theme Song)
2016 "Kung Fu Panda 3" Movie Theme Song "Try"
2015 Digital Single "I Like You"
2015 【My Time】EP- "Lose You Now", "My Time"


2016 – 2018 Jay Chou Invincible Concert Tour 1 & 2 – Guest Performer
2018 CCTV Spring Festival Gala Performance
2018 I Want To Go To Spring Gala Special – Cover performance "Blue and White Porcelain"
2018 I Want To Go To Spring Gala Special – Performed "My Time"
2017 New Year's countdown performance
2017 Christmasland in New Taipei City
2017 League of Legends World Championship Grand Opening Ceremony
2016 QQ music巔峰盛典
2015 New Year's countdown performance
2015 QQ music巔峰盛典 new year’s countdown performance


周杰倫 Jay Chou

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